Fuli Peridot Mining

Fuli Gemstones is a mining, processing, marketing, sales, import and export trade and technical consulting company. It owns the world's largest peridot deposit, Yiqisong Nanshan gemstones mine.

Yiqisong Nanshan gemstones mine is located in the Northeast Province of China, next to the major Changbai mountain range, located in Dunhua city. 

Peridot gemstones from this area are a rich, pure grass green color with incredible hue and saturation. The product is of a higher grade with far less inclusions than that found in other deposits from around the world.

Fuli Gemstones is a vertically integrated mining company with a state of the art cutting and polishing facility. This allows Fuli to offer bespoke, exclusive, unique and customized cuts of its Peridot gemstones to its clients.


Peridot Today's Family Heirloom

For generations royalty have gifted one another important gemstones, including peridot; they have been tokens of love and appreciation. Peridot, with its rich green hue and vibrant history, continues to be the natural choice for today’s family heirlooms. Peridot, historically associated with health, wealth and happiness, is the ideal gift to celebrate success: for graduation, for engagement, for marriage, for birth.


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