Fuli Peridot Group Is Present at 2020 “Love Gathering” Charity Dinner

On the evening of January 7, 2020, the charity dinner of "Love Gathering" hosted by Smile Angel Children's Hospital and Yidian Zixun was held in the banquet hall on the third floor of Park Hyatt Hotel in Beijing.

Smile Angel Children's Hospital is a non-profit children's hospital built by social love. Yidian Zixun is a news and information platform that uses content to deliver power. With the comment theme--love, they hope to spread and gather the strength of the public, pay close attention to the medical status of cleft lip and palate children, and create an equal social environment for them. In the name of love, they jointly held the 2020 "Love Gathering" Charity Dinner.


      "Love Gathering" Charity Dinner Scene

Lots of stars showed up at the charity dinner, such as Li Yapeng, Yaochen, Hu Jun, Chen Linong, Lou Yixiao, Liu Yun, Su Xing, Zhang Yuan, Huang Yali and so on. They used their public influence to show their dedication of love, spread the concept of charity, goodness and beauty, sunshine and hope.


      Ms. Su Mang and Mr. Li Yapeng

640-3.jpeg      Ms. Yao Chen and Mr. Hu Jun


      Ms. Liu Yun


      Ms. Lou Yixiao

What’s worth mentioning is that Mr. Yu Binghan, Vice President of Fuli Gemstones Group, and Ms. Ava Liu, Marketing Director of the group also attended the charity dinner. 


      Mr. Yu Binghan, Vice President of Fuli Gemstones Group (Right)

      Ms. Ava Liu, Marketing Director of Fuli Gemstones Group(Left)

Fuli Gemstones Group owns the largest peridot mine globally—Yiqisong Nanshan Peridot Mine. At the early stage of the founding of the company, the founders paid attention to public charity, and they hoped the company’s value can be given full play, dedicate the company’s compassion, shoulder social responsibility and devote back to the society.

After knowing the general background and introduction of Smile Angel Children’s Hospital, we designed and made a batch of peridot pens for the kids. Since ancient times, peridot has been given the implied meaning of health, luck and birth, and also seen as the “Sun Gem” by ancient Egyptians. The group hopes the green gem could bring health and sunshine to the kids and they can recover soon and have a carefree life.


      Peridot Pens Donated by Fuli Gemstones Group

The bright spot of the dinner was the auction. Witnessed by public welfare from all walks of life, 9 exquisite auction goods donated by public welfare showed up at the auction, which had specific precious and sincere meaning at the auction site full of love. Dinner guests took an active part in the auction, and the 9 goods all were auctioned off. And all gaining from the auction would be put into the destruction of Smile Angel Children’s Hospital and the surgical aid for cleft lip and palate children from poor families, thus promote the development of China’s children medical course.

Among the auction goods, 2 stood out. The 1st one is a Taihang Arborvitae Sculpture which is over 2 meters high, and the 2 wood bodies with 2 different colors are from the same arborvitae, and it’s earliest history can be traced back to Jurassic Period. They grow on precipices in extremely harsh environments, but they still grow sturdily in the wind. “Honing gives a sharp edge to a sword, and bitter cold adds keen fragrance to plum blossom.” They look so like the cleft lip and palate children, with a scar born with birth, but at the meantime, it is also a pride, eventually, they will grow and smile in the difficult situation and succeed.


      Taihang Arborvitae Sculpture

The work <A Woman Without Eyes>, a copy oil painting by Li Yan attracted lots of attention. Under the active influence by her father, Mr. Li Yapeng, Li Yan has grown into a loving girl with good heart and responsibility. The Smile Angel Children’s Hospital is born with love, and Mr. Li Yapeng and Ms. Wang Fei hope all the cleft lip and palate children who are like Li Yan can get aid through social welfare, thus get a different life and make the scar become Li Yan’s pride. Today, Li Yan has become the pride of her parents, and she chose to get back to the society with love. Finally, this oil painting was auctioned by Ms. Lou Yixiao with the price of RMB 200,000.


      Auction Scene of < A Woman Without Eyes >

Some donation organizations and individuals who continuously donate to the hospital were also awarded as the “Special Contribution Award” at the dinner, as a thankful expression for their trust and support for Smile Angel Welfare business. In his speech, Mr. Li Yapeng has expressed his appreciation to all the people who have cared for and support Smile Angel Welfare and all the employees. He said that it was his honor and mission to turn individual love to the social general love. And he called for more people could join the Smile Angel Welfare and work together to pass love and smile.

Nowadays, most of the operation fund of the hospital is from the social donation, and it is called for that more organizations or individuals could pay attention to the cleft lip and palate children, and join a meaningful course. Fuli Peridot Group hopes that we can work together to help more cleft lip and palate children smile and grow healthily.

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