Fuli Gemstones Group Is Present at 2019 BAZAAR JEWELRY Award

On the evening of December 16, with the theme of "The New Wave of National Style", the “2019 Bazaar JEWELRY Award - High-end Jewelry Annual Design Award” were successfully held at the Magic Art Center on the second floor of Four Seasons Hotel in Beijing. This evening banquet gathers the perfect lineup of international and domestic first-line jewelry brands, popular star artists, top artists, elites from all walks of life and more than one hundred media. It presents a visual feast that brings together various art forms such as jewelry, music and dance. In addition to the gorgeous atmosphere and prosperous high-end jewelry, it is worth mentioning that the sponsor of this evening banquet trophy, Fuli Gemstones Group. Mr. Jiang Yingliang, Executive Director and CEO of Fuli Gemstones Group, and Mr. Yu Binghan, Vice President of the Group visited the scene and witnessed the "Oscar" in the jewelry industry.


Fuli Gemstones Group as the sponsor of this evening banquet trophy

640-2.jpegMr. Jiang Yingliang, Executive Director and CEO of Fuli Gemstones Group

640-3.jpegMr. Yu Binghan, Vice President of Fuli Gemstones Group

640-4.jpegMr. Jiang Yingliang and Mr. Yu Binghan took a group photo

640-5.jpegMr. Jiang Yingliang and the representatives of the award-winning jewelry brands

In addition, the scene can be described as a gathering of stars. Nearly one hundred stars, celebrities, and artists gathered here, and they were dressed to attend to make this annual festival with jewelry as the protagonist even brighter!

640-6.jpegZhang Li, 2019 Bazaar Jewelry International Designer Boutique Exhibition Promotion Ambassador

640-7.jpegWang Ou, a famous actress

640-8.jpegThe players of younger brother Fan Sizhe and the older sister Fan Ruoruo in Qing Yu Nian: Guo Qilin (left), Song Yi (right)

image.pngFamous singers Zheng Yunlong (left), A Yunga (right)

This year's popular style inside and outside the jewelry industry is no longer the Western art that everyone sought after 11 years ago, but the inheritance of traditional oriental aesthetics. At the banquet, everyone can feel the charm of oriental aesthetics immersively. The pen and ink landscape paintings interpret the splendid 5,000 years of culture. The ink black and the glazed yellow give people a visual shock.


The theme of this fine jewelry evening banquet-"The New Wave of National Style", which is “国风新浪潮” in mandarin, contains five words, each of which represents a major element. 国-Chinese traditional culture inheritance; 风-new trend of jewelry life; 新-new Chinese style and new aesthetics; 浪-wave leading design trends; 潮-popular fashion lifestyle. The artist Mr. Shi Haitao who designed the trophy for this year's banquet fused these five elements to give birth to the design concept of the trophy for this year's banquet: 日月永辉 -“The sun and the moon glow”.

640-11.jpegMr. Shi Haitao

Mr. Shi Haitao was born in Qingdao, Shandong in 1968, and graduated from the Stage Art Department of the Central Academy of Drama in 1992. Mr. Shi Haitao did pioneering dramas with drama master Lin Zhaohua before he was 20 years old. After graduation, he founded his own advertising company. He has extensive industry experience and extensive network of contacts in the fields of art, drama, design, and communication. At the same time, as an independent artist, Mr. Shi Haitao has numerous art works and rich cross-border achievements.

In the eyes of Mr. Shi Haitao, Chinese style is not only a design style, but also the spiritual expression of oriental aesthetics and oriental philosophy, and the core of oriental thought is the unity of nature and man. The universe and nature are a big world. Everyone is a small world. People are the spirits of everything. As long as they follow the laws of nature, they can coexist in harmony with everything.

We are in awe of the heavens and the earth, and the sun and the moon are the origins of the growth and reproduction of all things, and they are immortal, so the opposite of the sun and the moon is this heaven and earth. In ancient times, Emperor Zetian of Wuzhou used to name herself "曌", which means that the sun and the moon are in the sky, covering all things. And Emperor Hongwu Zhu Yuanzhang adopted the word "明" as the country name of the Ming Dynasty, which also means the bright and splendid sun and moon. “日月永辉” is not only the Chinese understanding of eternity, but also the most concentrated display of the vast universe. Following this idea, this year's trophy was born, and Mr. Shi named it "日月永辉".

The winners, like this high-hanging sun and moon, are the best in the industry, reaching the top, then can hold all mountains in a single glance; the winners are the sunrise in the east, shining the light of fashion and making the Chinese style arouse people's admiration. “日月永辉” are not only affirmation and praise for their achievements, but also a good wish for their future development.


2019 "Bazaar Jewelry" trophy design of the best jewelry evening banquet

The green part in the picture is peridot from Fuli Gemstones


The trophies are composed of three parts: one is rough-textured rock, which is shaped into mountains, symbolizing the vast land of nature, symbolizing the long and abundant jewelry and watch products, and symbolizing the continuous improvement of the jewelry enterprise; The second one is the crystal plate, which is like a vast and endless sky, which is very impressive, and it is like exquisite and flawless jewelry. The structure became a small universe where man and nature were united; the deficiency and excess constituted the yin and yang poles of all things in the world. The third is the gem which adds the finishing touch.

In the trophy, Mr. Shi Haitao hopes to use a gem to perfectly interpret the concept of "sun and moon" in "The New Wave of National Style". For this purpose, he studied the history and significance of hundreds of different natural gemstones. Finally, he found a gem that could perfectly combine the concept of sun and moon with Chinese culture - peridot from Jilin, China.

640-13.jpegPeridot from Fuli Gemstones

Peridot was first discovered in the ancient Egyptian Zabargad Island in 1500 BC. Because of the warm yellow tone in its green, the ancient Egyptians regarded peridot as a "sun gem" and gift from God to Egypt. On January 3, 2019, China ’s Chang'e-4 probe successfully landed on the back of the moon. The data returned in May confirmed the presence of peridot in the moon ’s mantle, which is also the only colored gemstone found on the moon. Therefore, peridot is the best material for the theme of "日月永辉" and the only gemstone to choose from. Mr. Shi specially selected the "peridotite sand" inlaid in the trophy, taking the shape of a circle, such as a bright sun, like a full moon, hung above the sky, bringing happiness to people and the world.


The peridot from Yiqisong production area in Jilin, China, has been sleeping in the ground in the Northeast of China for thousands of years, but it was only discovered in the past ten years. It has a long history and has only been reborn in recent years. Like China, it has a heavy history, but it does not hinder its radiance today. You should know that all gem veins in China have been extremely scarce since ancient times, and the high quality is a drop in the sea. The quality of peridot from the Yiqisong production area in Jilin, China is extremely high.

The "stacked mountains" in the trophy echoes the Chinese high-quality peridot mines. For Fuli Gemstones Group, which owns the mining rights of Yiqisong mining area, the process of pushing Chinese peridot to the world is like climbing a majestic mountain. Every time you climb one more layer, you will see different scenery. However, in any case, the conviction in my heart is always the same. We look forward to the fact that everyone who loves beauty will have a dazzling peridot in their jewelry box.

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