Rich and Beautiful in Heart丨Fuli Gemstones Group Is Present at 2019 Beijing International Jewelry Exhibition

From November 14th to 18th, 2019, Beijing China International Jewelry Show was grandly opened in China International Exhibition Center (Old Hall). This exhibition has attracted international attention, bringing together well-known jewelry companies from 20 countries and regions, and has become the most important and influential jewelry industry event.

Fuli Gemstones Group was invited to participate in this jewelry exhibition.

Yanbian Fuli Peridot Mining Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Fuli Peridot") has the world's largest peridot deposit - Yiqi Song Nanshan peridot gemstone mine, and was invited to participate in this jewelry exhibition at the location of 1B407 to 412 in Hall 1.

At this jewellery show, Fuli Gemstones Group brought high-quality rough stones and C&P stones, and exquisite peridot jewelry accessories for display, and won the unanimous recognition and praise of gem experts, exhibitors, jewelry designers and enthusiasts from everywhere!

Yiqisong Nanshan Peridot Gemstone Mine - rich in mineral resources, with excellent gemstone quality.

Fuli Gemstones Group owns the Yiqisong Nanshan Peridot Gemstone Mine. The peridot produced by it has a bright green color, high clarity and transparency. Most of them are high-quality large-diameter gemstones, which are rated high in the quality of peridot gemstones.

iqi Songnanshan Peridot gemstone mine-rich in mineral resources and excellent gemstone quality

As a leader in peridot mineral resources, Fuli Gemstones Group has been invited to participate in major jewelry exhibitions at home and abroad. At this one, China International Jewelry Exhibition, Fuli Gemstones Group exhibited high-quality natural peridot rough and C&P stones, showing the brilliance of high-quality natural peridot from Dunhua, China to audiences around the world.

Peridot jewelry-exquisite design, excellent style

Peridot is ancient and magnificent, with a long history. As the birthstone of August, peridot is green like fresh olives. It symbolizes "peace, hope, happiness" and is loved by the European royal family.

In recent years, jewelry luxury brands such as Cartier, Bvlgari, Tiffany & Co., Van Cleef & Arpels, Piaget and Chanel have begun to use peridot extensively. Driven by international brands, the proportion of the peridot market will continue to grow in the future.

Fuli Gemstones Group is a company integrating processing and sales. The company has contracted with the world's top cutting-edge jewelry designers to create private customized special services for high-end customers. At this jewelry exhibition, not only high-quality rough and C&P stones were displayed, but also finished product was displayed, which was very popular among exhibitors.

Helping the development of Chinese peridot culture

As a famous domestic enterprise, Fuli Gemstones Group, while harvesting gifts from nature, constantly promotes the vigorous development of Chinese peridot culture. Not only exclusive titled the Jilin TV program - "Explore Jilin", but also for the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China, to help promote the promotion of peridot culture. Fuli Gemstones Group, Gems & Jewelry Trade Association of China, Beijing Arts and Crafts Industry Association, and Beijing Gongmei Group Co., Ltd. jointly organized the Green China – 70th Anniversary of the Founding of PRC, First Peridot International Design Awards. With the help of social media to promote, peridot is turned into a "green business card" in colored gemstones.

Fuli Gemstones Group is not only rich in mineral resources, but also dedicated to creating Chinese peridot gem art, leading the trend of peridot, and constantly exploring and advancing in the promotion and popularization of peridot, fully promoting the cultural spread and industrial development of peridot. In the near future, I believe that Fuli Gemstones Group will lead China’s peridot to the world and yield unusually brilliant results!

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